Building Muscle Mass With Carbs? Why Gluconeogenesis Is Your Enemy

Published: 04th June 2009
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Alright, so you work your ass off in the gym, and know that protein is the fundamental element that you need to eat to build rock hard muscles, and carbs are something you should cut down on to avoid getting fat. Right? Well I can see where you're coming from, but if you're really kickin' it in the gym and aren't taking in a carb to protein ratio of at least 1.5 : 1... You are wasting your time and money.

Bold claim? You better believe it. Most guys (or girls) know that to gain serious mass, taking in a ratio of 1g of protein per lbs of body weight is the MINIMUM that you need. But what they don't know is that if you eat massive quantities of protein during the day without taking in a decent amount of carbs, you will not gain mass. Or if you do, the process will be tedious and slow. The reason? Gluconeogenesis.

So what is it? Well gluconeogenesis is the process where your body will convert the protein you intake into carbohydrates to meet its needs. You cannot trick the body by eating lots of protein and no carbs... It's too damn smart. Your body's PRIMARY source of fuel is carbs and it will do whatever it takes to get some... Get it? And if we scrutinize protein and carbs from a financial stand point (damn economy)... carbs are cheaper. This means that every gram of protein that you take in should do EXACTLY what it's supposed to - build lean muscle mass without interference.

To guarantee that this happens, make sure your carbohydrate intake is sufficient and gluconeogenesis is something your body never resorts to. Not only will this help your make the most out of the protein you take in, but I can gain mass much faster from a carb/protein ratio of 1.5:1 Vs. 1:1. Go figure!

Now that you know why carbs are so important, the next question that should jump to your mind is whether to primarily eat simple carbs or complex (low-glycemic) carbs. The answer is not that black and white, but it's not super complicated either. Say you eat 6 meals a day, out of those 6 meals a MAXIMUM of 2 should include simple carbs, and that's because they are probably the post-workout protein shake or meal. The rest of the time, stick to stuff like: brown rice, whole wheat grains, oats etc.

The reason being is simple, low glycemic carbs don't spike your insulin and release the sugar slowly, evenly and constantly throughout your blood stream. This means there is no spike and crash in your energy levels, just a constant stream of juice to keep you going.

And one last thing, if you ARE planning on using simple carbs for your post-workout shake, buy a shit load of maltodextrin. It's inexpensive, quick digesting and VERY useful. In fact, if I was personally short on cash, I'd pick up 5lbs of maltodextrin over whey protein any day... THAT'S how much of an impact it will have on your results. I can get my protein sources elsewhere, like from fish, chicken, beef, ostrich or turkey.

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- Fit Jerk

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